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Photoshoot III

The third and final instalment in our Photoshoot Friday…(awww 😦 )

I would like to show you what Nicole Richie has done with her life. Following the immense flop that was her public persona after the reality show/Paris Hilton bff/bulimia saga of her life, she got some sense, cleaned herself up, got married, had a coupla babies and generally became someone you could like.

Her’s the mother of two in a more mature look for Flare Magazine…



Next we’ve got Emily Atack of Inbetweeners fame. The 22 year old was catapulted into the limelight in the British comedy series, but I bet you have never seen her look this sexy. Posing for FHM, Emily spoke about her rise to fame, her new role in a film called Get Lucky. Check her out….




Agent Provocateur, the makers of all things naughty AND nice… have launched a new line, along with a new face. Trying to create the sensuality and allure of the seventies, they got French model Mylene Jampanoi to sell their undies in their ‘Emmanuelle’ inpired campaign.

The new Fifi collection ranges from 65 Euros for briefs to 695 for a rose-printed silk gown.

Check it out…



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Photoshoot Friday II

Next we’re checking out some vintage looks with Katy Perry and Michelle Williams.

Katy doesn’t do fashion shoots very often, which is  a wonder considering how into fashion, style and “different looks” she is. In this case, however, Interview Magazine sat her down for a burlesque inspired do for their March issue and im sure they had a ball. It was all tassels and corset…hmmm 🙂

Michelle went for a promotional look, promoting her new movie, in which she plays Marilyn Monroe. The shoot was for Vogue’s March issue and I must say, she looked stunning!


Katy Perry



Michelle Williams

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Photoshoot Friday!

Guess what??

Yes that’s right, Its Photoshoot Friday once again, Whoop Whoop!

Today I wana show you some of the month’s best and most suprising photoshoot models. Its just about great pictures and beautiful ladies…. First, our focus is on the gorgeous Adriana Lima. Enjoy 😉

Adriana Lima & Doutzen Krous

(for the March V Magazine)




Adriana Lima & The Other Angels

(for Vicky’s Secret)





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Are Your Gonna Believe Me, Or Your Lying Eyes??

Imagine this:

You go to your man/boyfriend/that-guy-you’re-currently-with’s place, as you walk through the door, you are greeted by his best friend, who is nonchalantly watching TV and seems to be generally unperturbed in his surroundings. You have been here countless times before, and naturally, you do not need to be directed as you know your way around, so you head straight to the bedroom.

Before you enter, you remind yourself why you came here in the first place. You and your man/boyfriend/that-guy-you’re-currently-with had a fight early this morning and you have decided that you need to apologise because you feel you were in the wrong.

As you reach out to open the door – keeping in mind how long it took you to accept that you would have to apologise and swallow that slight bit of humiliation that apologies normally bring with them (I believe this may be the reason you hate apologizing) – you take a deep breath and turn the handle (wait, why was it closed in the first place?). What greets you is not your man/boyfriend/that-guy-you’re-currently-with sitting at his computer by himself or sleeping, but rather, it is your man/boyfriend/that-guy-you’re-currently-with, with another woman/heffer/that-girl-with-the-unkempt-weave, yea…the one you don’t like. You have been cheated on.


I was the man who cheated on you, in fact, exactly as it has been written above*. I am, however, not the only man who has cheated, in fact, according to statistics, a lot of men have. Your man might be cheating on your right now. Why do we as men cheat? This is the questino that has plagued man a man, but it has yet to stop us from actuallly doing the dirty deed, in fact, what it has done is to encourage men to come with ever-more creative and incredible ways to hide, explain and justify why we do it. My personal favourite is:

“It’s biology, women make one egg per month. I, as a man, make millions of sperm! Clearly my job is to fertilize. I’m like compost.”

There are any number of various other excuses, such as the survivalist angle**, the philanthropist*** and the age old African favourite, its tradition****. These reasons may all have their strong points if argued masterfully enough, but in truth, it’s all nonsense. To prove that it is all nonsense, just watch how vociferously a man will jump out in defense of his mother if it is even suggested that she is being cheated on. What is clear is that as men, we know that cheating is wrong, yet knowing and acting on that knowledge are two very different things. I am not saying that it cannot be done, what I am saying is that for a lot of men, we do not want to do it and the question is why?

I don’t know.

I have tried to practice being a one-woman man and I have only succeeded for a few months at a time, that was it, but never for a prolonged period of time. Whilst I have comforted myself with these attempts, the core issue has not been resolved and whilst this is slightly frustrating to me, this must be incredibly infuriating to the women I date, because as we (men) grapple with the inability to control our penises, women continue to be heartbroken day in and day out.

In my dishonourable opinion, this is what has led to women returning the favour, they are cheating on us and the scary thing is, that they are so much better at it than men. No woman would ever have been caught like I was, not a chance. Women are subtle, men are crass. Men have skeletons in their closets; Women have them in the Reserve Bank’s safes. If men knew, or rather, if I knew how to be happy with myself and with the woman I’m with when I have her, maybe I wouldn’t cheat, maybe. There is no guarantee.

The girl who caught me in that room, didn’t leave me though, she stuck with me, we dated for three years. She did dump me eventually. I do wonder if there’s a connection there somewhere. Hmmm…

“You know the only thing you can do to stop your man from cheating? The only thing you can do…is be there. Where? There! Wherever he’s thinking about f***ing, that’s it. Just be right there. And even then he still might lose your ass. He’s like, ‘Honey, look! A Sale! Let me go f**k this b*tch right now!'” – Chris Rock


* I was just lying with the girl on the bed, so I wasn’t technically cheating, that being said, if she had walked in 15 minutes later…I would have been. On a side note, I still blame my friend for getting me cuaght; he should’ve never let her in the house. I am not disgusting.

** The survivalist angle: I am here to pro-create, since you can only have one child at a time, I must venture out and find other people that can help.

*** The philanthropist: There are more women than men in the world, I’m just doing my part.

**** Tradition: This is just another way of saying Polygamy, usually captioned by “If my president can do it, why can’t I…I also have a shower!”

Mr. Man

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A Little Birdy Told Me….

I have always had a love for beautiful voices…

Its not something that can ever be explained, nor something that can be learned. This is nothing to do with timber and tone, theory does not enter into this conversation. When I hear a voice that speaks to me, I just know.

At such moments, all you can do is sit in silent awe as you listen to raw talent fulfill a destiny that could only be God-given.

Birdy has one such voice. She is only 15 years old but boy can she belt out a beautiful tune! This little voice can make a grown man tear up, I swear, and if you hear her without knowing her, you wouldn’t expect her to be so young. With her braces and young adolescent demeanour,  Jasmine van den Bogaerde is of mixed Scottish, British, Belgian (Flemish) and Dutch ancestry. She suprised the judges of the  music competition, Open Mic UK in 2008 when she won at the tender age of 12, beating out over 10 000 other contestants and performing her own song.

She released her first single, a cover version of Bon Iver’s song “Skinny Love” in 2011, and this peaked at no. 17 on the UK Singles Chart. She has since shot a music video for the song and it has been featured on The Vampire Diaries.

Her debut album, released on the 7th of November 2011,  includes cover versions of  “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran and The XX’s song “Shelter”. The album peaked at no. 13 in the UK and the top 10 in Belgium and the Netherlands. My favourite song by far though, is People Help The People, a haunting melodious tune which captures me with the first word.

Birdy’s debut album has sold more than 25 000 copies, and she has since released another single, “Just A Game”, which can be found on the Hunger Games soundtrack, but suffice it to say, if you haven’t yet heard Birdy, give her a listen.



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Proudly South African


Starting Friday off on a good note and I’m feeling very patriotic, so I thought I might hook up a little entertainment for you all by chronicling some of South African language’s more unique little gems.

Few people realise just how much of our everyday language is actually peppered with little uniquely South African terms and phrases.

These originate from a mix of “Afrikanerisms”, “funagalore” which was used in the mines to make sure workers who spoke different languages could communicate and a number of African (Zulu, Xhosa, KhoiSan etc.) languages.

Lets start with the more obvious bits and pieces…

  • Lekker – An Afrikaans word, literally translated means a sweet or candy. However, instead, lekker is used to mean “nice”, “awesome” or “two thumbs up” (showing complete approval). A supermodel can be lekker and a song can have a lekker beat. You can have a lekker drink and if a South African had invented Facebook, the ‘Like’ button would have said ‘Lekker”. For example, the title of this post could have said, “Local is Lekker”. Got it? Lekker!
  • Hau/Hawu – This portrays total disbelief. It can be reinforced by “Haibo”, which loosely means “No ways”, “Not a change”, “Absolutely not”, “Did you just do that!?”, “Can you believe they just did that??”…you get the idea. For maximum effect, start with Eish and then move to Haibo. (Eish is an interjection expressing resignation). Variations of this inlclude the following: ‘Jo!”, “Yoh!”
  • Jislaaik – An expression of suprise and a variation on the above. This can be both negative and positive and is most often used when you get a fright but equally often during exciting parts of movies/sports games etc.
  • Bliksem – Well basically this means to beat the crap out of something, simple. If someone (especially someone wearing khaki shorts and driving a bakkie) says they are going to bliksem you, stop doing whatever you were doing and a) run away, b) apologize and offer to buy them a drink or c) say something about their mother…then run away. If you opt for option c, you might run the risk of being “donnered”, which is the act of blikseming someone.
  • Chana – Pronounce “china”, this generally means ‘dude’ or ‘my mate’. It might be best not to use this if you are not a local, since not only might you run the risk of saying it wrong and exposing yourself, but you might also be expected to further say things like: “China, I smaak this tune stukkend!” (My dear acuaintance, I find this song terrifically delightful and uplifting)
  • Awe – Pronounced “Aaah-where” without the ‘R’, this has many uses. Hello, goodbye and yes are a few. This can be compare to Howzit, Hoesit and Yo. “Howzit/Hoesit” is a national greeting and you can feel free to use it on anyone, regardless of race or culture.
  • Mos – From the Afrikaans, this implies that whatever has been said is obvious. In the informal, the closest English equivalent would be “duh!”. Usually used at the end of a sentense, like “you know mos…”
  • Boer – Literally meaning “farmer” in Afrikaans, most South Africans use the word to indicate people of Afrikaans descent. Mentions of the word are usually accompanied by the words, “Bakkie” and “Khaki”. A ‘bakkie’ is a utility truck or a pick-up truck to the rest of the world and can be found in the garage of a ‘boer’.
  • Naartjie – Also from Afrikaans, meaning a tangerine, mandarin or satsuma. Basically, any peelable orange-coloured citrus fruit with neat segments. Often used to throw at the TV when frustrated with the referee’s decisions.
  • Make a Plan – Though it might seem pretty obvious that it means essentially planning, this is a tad too literal. In SA, when this is said, no one is actually planning anything and there will be no mindmaps drawn up. This, to locals, simply means they will deal with it. That usually means doing nothing and wiating for something to change the situation first. This is true except when the phrase “n Boer maak n plan” is included, in which case the problem will most definately be solved, and the solution will most likely involve brute force and a bakkie or two.
  • Mission – You don’t need to spend a lot of time around South Africans to hear them say they are on a mission. No fears, this has nothing to do with the military or special forces,. They may even refer to “missioning” somewhere, but this just means they are doing something or going somewhere to do something. they might just be going to fill up their car or to buy a few beers. whatever it is, they are on a mission!
  • Laaitie – Pronounced “lighty”, this refers to a younger person, especially of the male sex, such as a younger brother or a son.
  • Biltong – Dried meat, similar to the American version, Jerky”, but far, far tastier…In fact, lets not even think of comparing the two.
  • Babelaas – Hangover. Nuff said.
  • Bra/Bru – A term of affection for a friend. Shortened from the Afrikaans word “broer” which means brother. e.g. Howzit my bru, howzit?
  • Chommie/Chomma – Refers to a friend, (comparable to the English ‘chum’), used mainly by the African and Coloured races and mainly by the females. Males will most likely prefer ‘bra’ as explained above. Can also be spelled tjommie. Apparenltly, this also refers to the perineum area between the vagina and anus…uhm (o_O).
  • Yebo – Means yes. Yebo, just that.

Shap guys… Have a fabulous Friday!