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Very insightful thoughts by the (not so) young Mr Dlanga. Shall be printed out and handed to my family the second my future hubby talks about an engagement.

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Originally appeared on my News24 column, 2010-11-03 11:04

There are two sides to the lobola debate. Some say it must be abolished because the tradition has lost everything it is meant to stand for. There is a feeling that this tradition has become about greed and not about relationships between families, as was the original intention.

Some say that we cannot abandon this custom because if we do, we lose everything that is African about us. These are the people who are fighting against what they view as the increasing Westernisation strangulation of African customs. They are opposed to the view that what is African is barbaric and that which is Western is civilized. Point is – both sides of the argument make valid positions.

People who do not understand the concept of lobola seem to think it is about purchasing a wife. There is no such thing as buying…

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