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Fake It Until You Make It!

Maaaawning all!

Its Tuesday, not my favourite day of the week since I always feel sooooo finished, but as they say in the industry (which industry?? No clue), I’m going to fake it until I make it!

Usually I’m very much against “Fake”, whether its fake people, fake breasts or fake clothing, its just not for me. But today, I welcome the fake!

Here are a few things that its OK to fake:

  1. The “I’m a fully rounded person” hobby section on your CV. Nobody really has the time (or inclination) to go hiking or study pre-WWII contemporary art right??
  2. Your forwarding address when you FINALLY get to tell your free-loading non-cleaning/cooking nasty flatmate that you’re moving out
  3. A short-lived but very deep relationship with Johnny Depp before he hit the big time, about which, naturally, you can’t go into any details…naturally.
  4. A story where you triumphed over a rude woman in the line at the Post Office by giving her the perfect put-down, when in fact, you only thought about it when you were already in the car, rewriting your humiliation.
  5. A can-do approach to your job (THIS IS ME!! :-D)
  6. The impression that the friend you bribed into going with you to your family reunion is, in fact, your boyfriend
  7. How much you absolutely LOOOOVE the puke-green colour of the shiny, semi-transparent, gaudy bridesmaid’s dress your best friend has picked out for you to wear on her big day (sooo chic!)
  8. A knowledgeable opinion on wine, when in all actuality, you’re more than happy to hose down anything in a big-enough glass
  9. Having slaved over a hot stove for hours to fix this amazing dinner, when the most difficult part was sneaking outside to throw the Woolies Food packets in your neighbours bins
  10. Knowledge of world events. Or even events in your own country – all you really need to do is nod wisely at the right moments
  11. Your love of a quiet, studious lifestyle when being interviewed by your new landlord
  12. A giggle of laughter and a smile when his mom asks if you’ve gained weight over Christmas, when all you’re thinking about is choking her
  13. A doctor’s appointment or an emergency when you just want to go home early. Note: Always remember what your mystery ailment is, for when your boss corners you the next day



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Jamming With Nick Holder

Although I am a relatively new initiate into the house music family, Nick Holder is a name that I am familiar with.

Tracks like “Summer Daze”, “Sunday” and “Time” are house classics that my brother was forcing onto me long before I was interested in house.

Now that I am heavily into the house scene though, I was very excited to find out that Canadian-born Nick, has moved to South Africa and stays somewhere in the Free State now.

For those not in the know, Nick Holder is a hip-hop and house music DJ and producer from Toronto. If you haven’t heard anything of his, do yourself a favour and find something and just listen, even those that are not that interested in house music, you will not be sorry.

His biggest hit, I believe, is “Da Sambafrique”, and this is the song that gave him the cult producer status he now celebrates. He has 10 studio albums and his hit singles include, “Dont Go Away”, “Sometimes I’m Blue”, “On My Mind”, “Erotic Illusions”, “Freedom”, “Feel”, “Freedom in ’63”, “Inside Your Soul”, “Beyond Your Dreams” and “Dance, Dance, Dance”.

He has also been known in conjuction with groups like Flux Mode, Holder Brother, The Toronto Track Symphony, The Trackheadz and Warriors.

Nick Holder will be featured on the Night Drive Experience tonight, on Rhythm 100 Radio. He will be sitting alongside Bluelle and Hippo and if you miss it, you miss out!

You can listen to the show at 8pm (CAT), until 11pm, simply by logging onto www.r100.mobi, selecting your phone’s icon from the list on the page and streaming it live (FREE on Blackberry!! 😀 ).

You can also catch more information about Nick by following him on his Twitter handle @NickHolder, or searching for Nick Holder II on Facebook or at: http://www.myspace.com/mrnickholder on MySpace.

You can get more information about the show itself by checking out @Night_Drive_Ex or @rhythm100radio on Twitter, or visiting their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/TheNightDriveExperience …or if you’re more like me, you can stalk the show’s hosts by following @RealBluelle (Bluelle) or @SirNhlapo (Hippo).


Swag vs. Suave…

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is, understands herself and her body, and can reflect a touch of her personality and feelings in her outfit.

For those who are more like me…sometimes we wake up feeling very boho chic, and other times its more chanel-elegance that wins.

Feel free to be both, or neither, whenever you choose. That sexy pencil skirt and those sky-high mary janes are very hot, but if sometimes you want to wear a tulle skirt with combat boots, you are not alone, I am your style-soul-mate.

Denim shirts and shift dresses, head scarves and well-cut blazers, maxi dresses and skirts, floral pieces and tribal prints, cowl-drape dresses and frayed shorts, peplum and combat boots…who says you can’t do it all?

If today your look screams “swag” and tomorrow it says “suave”, then that’s exactly how you are meant to look.