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The End Is Nigh!


The end is nigh!!! *scream*

Yes, I am back to that topic… Just because my countdown was for naught, does not stop the impending doom that is currently hurtling towards us like a speeding train.

So it’s your last day on Earth and you are…???

For those of use who are not blessed with the luxurious life of our dreams, we are most likely sitting in our offices in front of our computer screens, making all our Doomsday Eve plans for the after hours. That’s all well and good but what if that poor calendar maker who has caused such consternation was a few hours off, and that meteorite hits you while you are sitting in traffic this afternoon? Yes, stranger things have happened…and if you die on the freeway, stuck in traffic, don’t worry, you are already in hell.222482_323245384440610_1085247887_n

So, question: What time is the world ending again? I need to plan my day accordingly after all, I need to know if I need to wake up early or what. Will the meteors and destruction hit us all at the same time or will it start somewhere specific and world its way through the different time zones? If it will, where will it be starting? These are questions that need answers my friends!


I must say though, I love the different tweets and Facebook posts I’ve been seeing, some making fun of the whole situation and others clearly seriously saying their goodbyes and planning for the end. Whether you believe or not, the Mayan’s doomsday prediction was something worth experiencing.

So here’s a suggestion. I say, when we are all grown up and have our own babies, we should all tell them that the apocalypse actually happened and that we are all it’s survivors! A new world-wide conspiracy to keep up going. Just imagine how brilliant it will be, when you’re telling your kids all the stories about what happened to you and how you fought for survival, how you hid in an underground bunker and foraged to feed yourself and basically pulled a whole lot of Indiana Jones/Lara Croft type stunts in the crazy aftermath.IMG-20121218-WA0000

In a more serious light, tomorrow, I’ll be spending my evening with a loved one and making sure that should this really be it, I go happy. I suggest you do the same.

I suggest you make peace with those that matter to you and lay all your regrets to rest, find a reason to make your heart smile and hold on to it, do something that will bring you real joy, and something that you do because you really want to, dance in front of people, sing out loud, laugh loud and proud, give lots of hugs, and get them too, get some end of the world nookie :-), and when you wake up on the 22nd of December to find yourself in one piece, do it all over again.

I haven’t had the greatest life in the world but I think I have done pretty well so far, and so my heart is at peace. If anyone is organising a game night with some good people and laughter, please invite me (30 Seconds is my favourite game for such events) and if there is someone going to a kareoke night somewhere, I’d really love to join.

Thank you to all those who made me smile and have a fabulous one Minxes!THANK YOU


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Sugardaddy Anyone?

It’s been one of those mornings…

You know what I’m talking about right? One of those morning where you wake up and look at the time, and realise you’re supposed to be settling into your desk right now?

And before I continue, let me reiterate, IT IS NOT MY FAULT. My alarm clock just needs to learn how to command more respect…dammet.


So in my…lets call it haste (some might feel that “blind panic” is too emotional a term)… I realised just how much I need a car.

How am I expected to look amazing and wear heels and such and still walk to work every morning??

Today, for example, I’m wearing a dress that used to alluringly hug my curves perfectly…now, though, its more of a sorta-tight-because-I’ve-gained-a-little-weight dress. So as I am walking, the dress is, rather gracefully, shimmying up my thighs. As I am not-so gracefully trying to pull it down every few steps, the lining inside the dress is doing an artistic twist and twirl upwards, and it ends up sorta bunched up around my upper thigh/crotch area, which is more than just a small issue in a tight-ish dress mind you.

At the same time, it’s summer, its hot, and I’m starting to sweat (remember I’m late, so a leisurely stroll is definately out of the question). So I am trying to (discreetly) wipe the sweat off my forehead, sideburn area and moustache area whilst wearing bright red lipstick and trying not to draw ALL the attention to myself. This is not an easy feat. Mind you, through all this, I’m carrying a handbag, a lunch bag, a smaller bag for my heels and an umbrella so I don’t burn in the too-hot summer sun.

Then to top it all off, as me and my tight-ish, bunched up, high-up-my-thigh dress cross a road, waiting at the red robot I’m cross is a shuttle, filled with people whom I work with. It was just too much. A car is in order and any sugar daddies who are willing to provide, please feel free to apply.

Please keep in mind that I am not really the sugar daddy type of girl, so we will have to work through my feelings of shame and guilt together, but I feel like, sitting in the driver’s seat of my brand new (insert name of cute car here), we can do it :-).

So what do you say? Sugar daddy anyone??


16 Days…









There seem to be a lot of numbers floating around on my blog nowadays, but no worries, this is not about the apocalyptic destruction of your ass (…am I allowed to say ass on the interweb??).

This is just to highlight, for those who not yet aware (despite the bombardment on our television screens), that we are currently going through 16 Days of Activism Against Women & Child Abuse. This is the 16 days where we put, at the forefront of our minds, those who subjected to gender or other forms of abuse on the regular, particularly, women and children.ABUSE2

It really saddens me that in 2012, we can still be subject to such horrific levels of women and children being abused.

For example, did you know that an estimated 1 in every 3 women in the world will be beaten, raped or otherwise abused in her lifetime, and usually by  a family member?

Did you know that violence kills and disables as many women between the ages of 15 and 44 as CANCER??

Did you know that 1 in every 4 South African women is a survivor of domestic violence?

Did you know that 1 in 16 women is regularly assaulted by her partner?

Or that 1 in 4 women is forced to flee a life-threatening situation in her home at some point in her life.


Coordinated by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL), the 16 Days Campaign was created to serve as a global advocacy campaign to increase awareness about gender-based violence and a call on governments and the general public to begin preventing such violence. The point is to treat domestic violence as a serious crime and to protect and support those women who do have the courage to report it, as well as training law enforcement to address armed partners and family sensitively, effectively and lawfully.

Acts of violence experienced by these women include sexual harassment, rape, murder (witch burnings, rape-murders, sexual serial killings, intimate femicide which is by a husband or boyfriend), forced prostitution or trafficking and female genital mutilation/circumcision.

Just when you thought a home was supposed to be a haven and place of safety, statistics show that girls and women are at greater risk of violence in their own homes that anywhere else. The extent of domestic violence is not well known since a lot of women do not reveal being abused for fear of further abuse or other people’s reactions or simply because she does not believe she will be able to survive, financially or otherwise, without him.575410_411734832230784_1746245016_n


To all the beautiful women out there who are living in tough situations where they have to live with such violence, I am praying for you. I pray that you will have the courage to make the right choice, I pray that you will have the ability and capacity to actually leave and start your own life successfully.

You do NOT need him, and you certainly do NOT want him. You DO deserve better and life will lead you to it, should you only ask for it. If you have children, please do consider them in the equation and best believe that if he hits you once, he WILL do it again. GUARANTEED.