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Dear friend

I am writing this to you to let you know that it is okay. Really it is. Always.

Life is harder than they will tell you, decisions are a nightmare and you will rarely know the right thing to do, but that’s okay.
Living is for making mistakes and the more you make, the more you learn. As long as you are following your heart, you cannot go wrong. Even when you do.
Also, when you make a mistake, don’t be ashamed to backtrack, apologise and try again.
(Going home and crawling into your mother’s bed until you are ready to face the world again is also allowed in this instance)

On those bad days, of which there will be many, when you find yourself in bed, trying to muffle the sounds of your cries, know that it is okay to be sad and cry and that when you’re done, you will feel better. Also, know that you are loved and cared for deeply.

When you feel like things are not going according to plan and life is taking you three steps backwards, remember to take a moment to breathe and appreciate that God has a plan and whatever you are not getting now, is for a good reason. Know that in the end, everything will work out, and if things haven’t worked out, it is not the end. You will always be smarter and stronger than you give yourself credit for and you can perform miracles, should you choose to do so. So sit down, lick your wounds, feel defeated but do not stay there too long. Get up and go back and fight another day. The world is full of people trying to run their own races and the only people who could possibly have the time to judge you are those sitting on the sidelines, and well…do you really want to concern yourself with what they think of you anyway? I mean, they aren’t even IN the race.

When you feel unwanted and unloved and “not-good-enough”, remember that you have been wrong about so many things. Add this to the pile.

Most importantly, don’t forget to keep pushing yourself. The comfort zone is no place to grow old in, it’s drafty.

Keep your head up, your crown might fall off.

xo Me