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Van Persie’s Future

Arsenal striker, Robin van Persie is about to enter the final year of his contract this summer, and unless the Gunners can convince him to sign a new deal, the Holland striker could be moving to Spain.

It seems both Barcelona and now Real Madrid have their eye on the 28-year-old, with Jose Mourinho telling his bosses that Van Persie would be a perfect fit to play as an imposing No 9 or take a place on either flank.The deal, however, is still contingent on Gonzalo Higuain leaving, with Chelsea being a possible destination for him.

On the other hand, Barcelona, who are also interested, have hinted that they were preparing to make him their No 1 summer transfer target. Barca vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu has neither denied nor confirmed these rumours, simply stating that it is not the right time to start talking about Van Persie as Barca need to focus on their performance on the pitch.

How do you think Van Persie would fare at the Bernabeu?


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