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Love, in all its forms and shapes is always difficult.

This is the part that they don’t tell you when they write those Disney fairytales, but you will most likely learn it as soon as you fall in love and learn that Prince Charming scratches his arse, leaves the cap off the toothpaste and takes off his socks right where he is standing. This is also probably around the time you will realise that although it is not what you were promised, LOVE, in all its forms, has always been the same and has always remained as beautiful as you’ve always thought it to be.

If love is a lie, best believe that it is the most beautiful lie that we have, so today I encourage you to see and find love wherever you look and wherever you are. It doesn’t have to be with your signficant other, it can simply be the caring colleague who brings you coffee in the morning, the hug your little baby gives you when you drop him/her off at daycare or the sms you get saying “Good Morning”. How about the guy making a mixtape for his girl or the little girl who’s kissing her puppy? The little boy who’s watching his dad shave maybe, or the mom who’s dancing with her little girl. Somewhere out there today, there is a father who’s listening to his daughter’s stories with love in his eyes and a married couple dancing. The best for me, is the picture of the parents taking their child trick-or-treating, all wearing costumes from the same children’s movie…can you say BEST. PARENTS. EVER.??

Look around you and see it all around… That Carrie & Bigg kinda love, that Bonnie & Clyde type ish, that Romeo & Juliet kinda thing. That moment when you see a mother and her child holding hands. That moment when a new couple is so wrapped up in each other, the rest of the world disappears. That moment when you see that 80 year-old couple sitting at their regular table having lunch, everyday.

LOVE is even more beautiful when it can be captured and kept forever…

Here are a few pics I’ve come across that inspire that loving feeling in me:




























28.       29.


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Body Beautiful

There are few artistic expressions that can really move me.

1. Music… A beautiful song (and voice) can take me from 0 to 100 in all different directions and leave me sitting on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro at sunset.

2. Literature… The way the simple arrangement of words can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary never ceases to amaze and enthral me. I love the written word. I love the spoken word. I love words in languages I cannot, as of yet, understand. I love words. Period.

3. Photography… When done right, a picture really does speak a million words. It can take your breath away and mesmerise you, and you can’t even explain why that is. Some pictures make you want to just stare at them for hours and just that, is enough to make you smile.


So anywho… Just felt like sharing some pics specifically relating to the human body and spirit, that have recently caught my attention and my imagination.

* I apologize in advance for not being able to cite all the creators, I have come across these pics at the most random of moments and in a myriad of places, so I have not been able to do due diligence in this regard.






I’ve had my mind set on getting “tatted up”, as they say in the cool circles, for a while now, but never had the time, the design and the money to go through with it. So now the time has finally come. I have searched through the mounds of ideas in my mind (realising in the process that I might end up the subject of my parents’ over-tattooed nightmares), isolated the favourites, gotten the money together and I’m ready.

But there is always a lot to consider when you are making the decision to get a tattoo. As tempting as it is to just ignore all these considerations, you might want to give them a glance over.

First, is your family and friends, and their opinion of your decision. For some people, this is a pretty big thing and they might have some pretty strong reactions to your choice.

Second, is your boss and co-workers if not clients. This might be a pretty big one, especially if you work or you ever plan on working, as it might become an issue in the industry or company of your choice. A tattoo might be the thing standing in your way of getting your dream job, as there are some industries that just won’t accept this type of thing. In such a situation, you might want to place your tattoo in an area of your body where it can be hidden when the need arises.

Third, is how many you will get, where you will get them, and where you will draw the line. From what I’ve heard, the process or the having of the tattoo can become addictive to some people and it’ll help when you need to make sure you don’t go too far to decide beforehand where you will stop.

Fourth, and it think this might apply to just me, but can a young black girl get a tattoo and still be accepted by, say, a conservative black mother in law? Will she see me as a wild, crazy whore leading her darling son into hell?

Hahahaha…Well all this nonsense aside, tattoos are still an art form, one which, when you do it right, turns out to look pretty amazing.

Here are a few ideas for the ladies:







– @MS_Mandi