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Photoshoot Friday!

Guess what??

Yes that’s right, Its Photoshoot Friday once again, Whoop Whoop!

Today I wana show you some of the month’s best and most suprising photoshoot models. Its just about great pictures and beautiful ladies…. First, our focus is on the gorgeous Adriana Lima. Enjoy 😉

Adriana Lima & Doutzen Krous

(for the March V Magazine)




Adriana Lima & The Other Angels

(for Vicky’s Secret)







Life Truly Begins at 40!

Male lifestyle site, AskMen recently released their annual Top 99 Most Desirable Women (which is voted for by their readers).

There were no suprises as to some of the names that appeared on the list’s Top 20. Women like Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian are regulars in this department, but one real pleasant suprise was actress Sofia Vergara’s placement on the list…as the number 01. Most Desirable Woman.

Now we can all see Sofia is hot, but to be able to compete with the likes of Scarlett and come out on top, at the age of 40 nogal! Now there is an achievement.

Sofia Margarita Vergara is a Colombian actress, television hostess and model. She is best known for her role in Modern Family, which has earned her two Golden Globe nominations, two PrimeTime Emmy award nominations and three Screen Actor’s Guild awards (one of which she won)! She can also count being mother to a 20 year old son, Manolo Gonzalez, and surviving thyroid cancer in 2000, in her list of lifetime achievements.

Here are the women who made it to the top 10 along with Sofia:

10: Victoria’s Secret model, angel, and South African, Candice Swanepoel    

09: Singer, Rihanna    

08: Model, Reality TV ‘actress’ and mini mogul, Kim Kardashian    

07: Actress (and miss sexy pout herself), Scarlett Johansson    

06: Actress and comedienne (and another suprise to the list), Emma Stone    

05: Rapper, singer, fashionista extraordinaire and commander of all things curvaceous, Nicki Minaj    

04: Another Victoria’s Secret model and wife of the delicious Orlando Bloom (they had a son last year), Miranda Kerr    

03: Actress (The Social Network & The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo), Ronney Mara    

02: 2011 top Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Kate Upton    

01: The Gorgeous mother of all that is sexy, Sofia Vergara