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Isn’t this just the most iconic picture ever??

Michael Jackson dancing with Diana Ross

Michael Jackson dancing with Diana Ross


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Baainar Here With a Bang!

baainar_records_logoThe world is full of interesting and inspiring people and in 2013, the year for doing great things, I would like to share some of my favourites with you.

Have you heard of Baainar Records? No??
Well listen up…

Baainar Records was created in 2003, and back then, it was nothing more than a young man selling vinyl records out of his bag to his friends. Lunga “The Sid” Nombewu was sourcing records from the internet and selling them, with no aim but to enjoy music and make some money on the side.
Lunga, originally from Port Elizabeth, moved to Johannesburg to study aviation and ended up working for SAA (South African Airways) as an engineer. It was then that he began DJing at the behest of some of his friends who wanted someone to play music in between their sets.lunga *Little known fact, when Lunga started DJing, he was playing Hip Hop and only got into house music when he started perfecting the art if mixing. In a bid to not make a fool of himself in the process, he taught himself how to DJ and began practising furiously.

The more he fell in love with the music industry, the more he saw the need to leave aviation and work in music full time. It was at the SAMC (South African Music Conference) in 2005 that he met Rex Dasenar, a producer from Swaziland who needed help editing his song, and after discovering what Lunga could do, they decided to work together and Rex was signed.
It wasn’t until 2006 that the label as it is today, was really born. When he started bringing in DJs, his main aim was to give them a platform to achieve their dreams. He wanted to find those with potential and nurture them, helping them to hone their talents and providing them with the mentorship and facilities to make the kind of music they wanted to make, as well as marketing it to the world.

Today, The Baainar stable consists of two arms, Baainarbluelle Records and Baainar Digital. In Baainar Records, Lunga has signed eight artists, which he manages, but Baainar Digital is primarily for the sole purpose of mentorship and the nurturing of artists to be released and marketed digitally. He wanted to help young artists find a platform, and so they are not signed to the label and are free agents. Artists like Audio 5, Piper, Eric Error Mokakabye, Four to the Floor and Kaygee Pitsong are just some of the people he has worked with on the Baainar Digital side of things.
Aside from the artists Lunga has signed, Baainar has worked with a number of big names in the industry, both local and international.
House Legend, Nick Holder’s new album,NickHolder which has been highly anticipated since 2007, was finally released in 2012. Not only was it released exclusively in South African, but it was released through Baainar Records, who are handling his distribution and publishing through all of Africa.

The original vision of Baainar Records was to harness and grow talent from Lunga’s home town, Port Elizabeth, and he first found such talent in Mpiwe (Simphiwe Gqushani). Mpiwe was soon followed by Patricson Snare, La Shad, Bluelle, Eltonnick, Rokker Rogers, Nkokhi and Naak Musiq, of “Qina” fame. Some of these artists have since moved on, like Rex Dasenar and Patricson Snare, but those remaining have big plans for 2013.Eltonnick ft. Naak
Baainar’s artists have been included in no less than 15 albums in 2010 alone and have released almost 100 songs digitally. Lunga was included in the 2010 SAMC panel, presenting on digital music.
By March of 2011, Lunga had been profiled as the cover story of the German based Beat magazine and “Baainar Underground Selections” EP had been reviewed in 5 magazines distributed in Miami and Chicago, all relating to the digital arm of Baainar.

Eltonnick (“Move”; “Ndiyindoda”) plans to release a new album, Bluelle (“We Are Africa”; “Galaxy”) is working on introducing electro to the Baainar repertoire whilst building his brand, Rokker Rogers (“Rainy Days”) is mastering some percussion instrument to add a new kick to their collective sound and Nkhokhi will be promoting his newly released album, (J.O.L.)Journey of Life, through gigs and remixing. Naak Musiq (“Qina” ft. DJ Sbu), currently the most recognisable name on the roster will continue trying to balance his music career and his acting on SABC 1’s prime time soapie, Generations.bluelle2
Through all this work, Lunga will be trying to discover more fresh talent, trying to grow the label’s brand and focusing on the business side of things.Eltonnick2
Lunga is also going to be working with Risal Sounds on something new and exciting, but I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what will come out of it.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are beeeeeg things in store for Baainar and it’s creatives in 2013, and to find out more about the individuals, keep an eye out right here over the next few weeks!
Keep an eye out for these merry men…and who knows, maybe one day soon a merry woman?

To get in touch with Lunga:

Think About it

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Oom Riaan Cruywagen

Riaan Cruywagen, South Africa’s own Chuck Norris, is the thing of myths and legends, currently the longest standing person in South African television, he and the Noot vir Noot guy have been competing for what seems like a lifetime, to see who would be the last man standing. Riaan though, is currently winning, seeing as he was most likely the first face South Africans saw on the tube when they saw a TV for the first time!

For years, South Africans discussed, in hushed whispers, how they had been watching Riaan Cruywagen for an immemorable number of years and he still looked exactly the same, so over time, he became viewed the reverence befitting a mystical creature such as he.

Riaan Cruywagen has been a news reader on SABC2 for what seems like a lifetime (in reality, its only 37 years…yes, I said ONLY). The one thing that captured the minds of most South Africans was the fact that he seemed to not have aged a single day since he began (or rather, since you first saw him). I think its safe to say that Riaan was the face that many of us grew up, especially seeing as he was sharing bulletins before you were born.

Unfortunately, Oom Riaan is finally retiring, and these news have been met with a great sadness for all who have been seeing his face every single day since they were in diapers. This was evident in the article written on: http://www.hayibo.com/afrikaners-panic-as-riaan-cruywagen-retires/

His very first broadcast was on this very day (26 November) so I guess it is somewhat fitting that today we are all saying goodbye. Hope Oom Riaan has a stellar retirement, he will be sorely missed.



  Riaan Cruywagen Facts….

Riaan Cruywagen is fluent in twenty seven of the eleven official languages.

Riaan Cruywagen knows the news before it happens.

Riaan Cruywagen knew you would say that.

Riaan Cruywagen had a telekinetic showdown with Johan Stemmet. After draining all of Stemmet’s powers and rendering him severely retarded, he created Noot vir Noot and made Stemmet the host.

Some people believe Riaan Cruywagen wears a toupee – he does not. Although he is in fact bald – except for one perfect hair… the one that Covers his entire head – giving it that, ‘not quite real’ look. Riaan himself is not quite real.

Riaan Cruywagen was the original model for Michelangelo’s statue of David. Unfortunately, that was in the early years of Michelangelo’s career and he wasn’t yet artistically mature enough to capture the Crywagen essence… he nearly drove himself mad with frustration until eventually he decided to settle for his number 2 choice of model. Chuck Norris was only 3 years old when he posed for Michelangelo.

One night during an ad break on the 8 o’clock news, Riaan Cruywagen mentioned to the makeup lady that he was ‘tired of this apartheid nonsense’. Nelson Mandela was freed prison the next day.

Riaan Cruywagen wasn’t born, he thought himself into existence

Riaan Cruywagen never blinks; if he does the entire world would just not happen for that split second.

When Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of Mount Everest, he was welcomed by Riaan Cruywagen, who briefly interviewed him, before wiring the information through to the SAUK.

In binary code the word “Riaan Cruywagen” looks like the shroud of Turin.

When he was three Riaan Cruywagen successfully reinvented the wheel.

Riaan Cruywagen will never die. His soul gets transferred to another identical body via various arcane rituals and current nano-technology thrice fortnightly.

Bruce Willis’ character in Die Hard is based on the unpublished autobiography written by Riaan Cruywagen at the age of 15.

Riaan Cruywagen’s first job was tutoring Pythagoras

After reading the news Riaan Cruywagen built the pyramids. It took precisely 17 minutes to draw up the plans and then a further six minutes to think them into existence.

Riaan Cruywagen doesn’t use a script – he sees everything.

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Fake It Until You Make It!

Maaaawning all!

Its Tuesday, not my favourite day of the week since I always feel sooooo finished, but as they say in the industry (which industry?? No clue), I’m going to fake it until I make it!

Usually I’m very much against “Fake”, whether its fake people, fake breasts or fake clothing, its just not for me. But today, I welcome the fake!

Here are a few things that its OK to fake:

  1. The “I’m a fully rounded person” hobby section on your CV. Nobody really has the time (or inclination) to go hiking or study pre-WWII contemporary art right??
  2. Your forwarding address when you FINALLY get to tell your free-loading non-cleaning/cooking nasty flatmate that you’re moving out
  3. A short-lived but very deep relationship with Johnny Depp before he hit the big time, about which, naturally, you can’t go into any details…naturally.
  4. A story where you triumphed over a rude woman in the line at the Post Office by giving her the perfect put-down, when in fact, you only thought about it when you were already in the car, rewriting your humiliation.
  5. A can-do approach to your job (THIS IS ME!! :-D)
  6. The impression that the friend you bribed into going with you to your family reunion is, in fact, your boyfriend
  7. How much you absolutely LOOOOVE the puke-green colour of the shiny, semi-transparent, gaudy bridesmaid’s dress your best friend has picked out for you to wear on her big day (sooo chic!)
  8. A knowledgeable opinion on wine, when in all actuality, you’re more than happy to hose down anything in a big-enough glass
  9. Having slaved over a hot stove for hours to fix this amazing dinner, when the most difficult part was sneaking outside to throw the Woolies Food packets in your neighbours bins
  10. Knowledge of world events. Or even events in your own country – all you really need to do is nod wisely at the right moments
  11. Your love of a quiet, studious lifestyle when being interviewed by your new landlord
  12. A giggle of laughter and a smile when his mom asks if you’ve gained weight over Christmas, when all you’re thinking about is choking her
  13. A doctor’s appointment or an emergency when you just want to go home early. Note: Always remember what your mystery ailment is, for when your boss corners you the next day


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Photoshoot III

The third and final instalment in our Photoshoot Friday…(awww 😦 )

I would like to show you what Nicole Richie has done with her life. Following the immense flop that was her public persona after the reality show/Paris Hilton bff/bulimia saga of her life, she got some sense, cleaned herself up, got married, had a coupla babies and generally became someone you could like.

Her’s the mother of two in a more mature look for Flare Magazine…



Next we’ve got Emily Atack of Inbetweeners fame. The 22 year old was catapulted into the limelight in the British comedy series, but I bet you have never seen her look this sexy. Posing for FHM, Emily spoke about her rise to fame, her new role in a film called Get Lucky. Check her out….




Agent Provocateur, the makers of all things naughty AND nice… have launched a new line, along with a new face. Trying to create the sensuality and allure of the seventies, they got French model Mylene Jampanoi to sell their undies in their ‘Emmanuelle’ inpired campaign.

The new Fifi collection ranges from 65 Euros for briefs to 695 for a rose-printed silk gown.

Check it out…


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Photoshoot Friday!

Guess what??

Yes that’s right, Its Photoshoot Friday once again, Whoop Whoop!

Today I wana show you some of the month’s best and most suprising photoshoot models. Its just about great pictures and beautiful ladies…. First, our focus is on the gorgeous Adriana Lima. Enjoy 😉

Adriana Lima & Doutzen Krous

(for the March V Magazine)




Adriana Lima & The Other Angels

(for Vicky’s Secret)





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A Little Birdy Told Me….

I have always had a love for beautiful voices…

Its not something that can ever be explained, nor something that can be learned. This is nothing to do with timber and tone, theory does not enter into this conversation. When I hear a voice that speaks to me, I just know.

At such moments, all you can do is sit in silent awe as you listen to raw talent fulfill a destiny that could only be God-given.

Birdy has one such voice. She is only 15 years old but boy can she belt out a beautiful tune! This little voice can make a grown man tear up, I swear, and if you hear her without knowing her, you wouldn’t expect her to be so young. With her braces and young adolescent demeanour,  Jasmine van den Bogaerde is of mixed Scottish, British, Belgian (Flemish) and Dutch ancestry. She suprised the judges of the  music competition, Open Mic UK in 2008 when she won at the tender age of 12, beating out over 10 000 other contestants and performing her own song.

She released her first single, a cover version of Bon Iver’s song “Skinny Love” in 2011, and this peaked at no. 17 on the UK Singles Chart. She has since shot a music video for the song and it has been featured on The Vampire Diaries.

Her debut album, released on the 7th of November 2011,  includes cover versions of  “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran and The XX’s song “Shelter”. The album peaked at no. 13 in the UK and the top 10 in Belgium and the Netherlands. My favourite song by far though, is People Help The People, a haunting melodious tune which captures me with the first word.

Birdy’s debut album has sold more than 25 000 copies, and she has since released another single, “Just A Game”, which can be found on the Hunger Games soundtrack, but suffice it to say, if you haven’t yet heard Birdy, give her a listen.