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Red Carpet Flops At The Golden Globes

So it seems third time’s the charm for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who got their “final” stint as big-time award hosts at last night’s 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. I hear they did a stellar job and the night had more than it’s fair share of touching and memorable moments.

I wont say much else, but I just came across some of the red carpet pictures from last night 2015 Golden Globe Awards.


All I could think while going through the pictures was, “What happened!!!??”

Television and movie stars who are usually so beautifully turned out failed to produce even a decent outfit, let alone a red-carpet-worthy one. As I scrolled through, they all managed to disappoint me, one after the other.

All of them. All of.

Rather than spew a bunch of haterade, let me just allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig in uhm…

Lena Dunham in shapeless red

Lena Dunham in shapeless red

Kerry Washington...no comment.

Kerry Washington…no comment.

Amal Alamuddin in gloves for goodness sake

Amal Alamuddin in gloves for goodness sake


Tina Fey… *sigh*

Rosamund Pike in ill-fitting

Rosamund Pike in ill-fitting

...no words....

…no words….



Lupita Ny'ongo disappointing all of Africa

Lupita Ny’ongo disappointing all of Africa

Zosia Mamet & Jemima Kirke...dont...just dont.

Zosia Mamet & Jemima Kirke…dont…just dont.

Keira Knightley traumatised me. Fully.

Keira Knightley traumatised me. Fully.

*Haterade: n. A liquid generally contained within those who are filled with hate for another. Known to spill out of the mouth when said hater begins to share their hate.


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Lil’ Fashionistas

It’s Fashion Friday again!!!!!

A long time ago, perhaps in another life time, children spent the entirety of their days outside, getting dirty, playing in mud puddles, climbing trees, skinning knees and eating mud pies.

So understandably, fashion was the domain of the teens and adults, but things have changed, and children’s fashion is carving a new niche in a fast expanding market that was once reserved only for the select few. I’m all for allowing kids to remain kids for as long as possible but I wont lie, I love little things in high-end gear or just looking well put together and adorable in fashionable pieces.

Below are a few cute lil’ fashionistas I’ve come across:



 Lil fashionista22













Lil fashionista8




Lil fashionista7

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Elie Saab – Designer of My Dreams

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Fashion Fridays post but today is that day!

Profile: Elie Saab

Reason: Because he is freaking awesome!!

I’ve never been one to follow fashion so closely as to recognize designer’s outfits and signatures and the like, but Elie Saab changed all that for me. It was easy to recognize his work simply because I loved every single thing he made.

Here are some selections from his 2014 RTW Spring Collection:


MARC0008.450x675 MARC0026.450x675 MARC0019.450x675

MARC0035.450x675 MARC0046.450x675 MARC0055.450x675

MARC0066.450x675 MARC0075.450x675 MARC0092.450x675

MARC0112.450x675 MARC0123.450x675 MARC0136.450x675

MARC0145.450x675 MARC0154.450x675 MARC0196.450x675 (1)

MARC0220.450x675 MARC0234.450x675 MARC0254.450x675

MARC0266.450x675 MARC0279.450x675 MARC0287.450x675

MARC0298.450x675 MARC0309.450x675 MARC0317.450x675

MARC0332.450x675 MARC0353.450x675 MARC0375.450x675

MARC0385.450x675 MARC0421.450x675 MARC0431.450x675

MARC0456.450x675 MARC0469.450x675 MARC0484.450x675

MARC0496.450x675 MARC0523.450x675 MARC0535.450x675

MARC0547.450x675 MARC0557.450x675 MARC0577.450x675

MARC0588.450x675 MARC0642.450x675


If you wanna check out some more of his work, go to: http://www.eliesaab.com/en/ready-to-wear/ss-2013

Thank me later 😉


Statement Pieces & Must-Haves: SHOES

It’s Fashion Fridays in Minx Land and I feel a strong need to express my love for shoes once more.

I know, I know, shoes require no words, they just are, and in their resplendent being-ness, they make me so happy 🙂

So I’m just going to share with you some of my favourites and wait for your drooling mouth to join mine.


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Statement Pieces & MUST-Haves I

Its Fashion Friday!!!

Every woman knows there are those items of clothing that are absolute MUST-Haves… Pieces that are a staple in every woman’s closet and that you can wear with almost anything.

Okay, I guess this applies to men as well but…who cares??

Lol, just kidding dear gentlebrother.

Then there are those items that are absolute statement pieces, that item that, when you wear it, you know the looks you are getting have nothing to do with toothpaste on the side of your face. With it on, you walk taller, bolder and sexier because that morning, your inner goddess came out to play. 😉

Naturally, these statement pieces and must-haves may differ for everyone, but I tried to list some of mine below. Naturally, dreaming of my ideal closet I got a bit carried away, but I’m sure you will be able to accomodate and forgive me.

Enjoy 😉

 A nice loose shirt that you can wear with your leggings, jeans, boots, whatever.

I love the look for those lovely relaxed days…

 Cowl-drape dress… Yes. I think for all body types this would work wonders and make you look beautiful!

 A well-cut trench coat, oh yes please!!

 A pencil dress like this…

In colours like this…


 Or maybe this kind of fit and flare number is more your style… more suited to your body-type?

In this colour it is HOT.

 If I can get ankle boots that make my legs look like this???


 Tell me that wearing this chiffon gown wouldn’t make you feel like the most beautiful princess in the world… Try it… I dare you…

 Oh, did I mention boots like this?? 😀

 Patterned sweaters like this are all the rage, and they usually work with anything!

 A bathing suit that flatters every curve and inch… That’s the goal.

Personally I love this old school cut 🙂

 Or maybe a corset in the same style???

Love the idea of a corset with a high-waisted skirt.

….to be continued…


Swag vs. Suave…

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is, understands herself and her body, and can reflect a touch of her personality and feelings in her outfit.

For those who are more like me…sometimes we wake up feeling very boho chic, and other times its more chanel-elegance that wins.

Feel free to be both, or neither, whenever you choose. That sexy pencil skirt and those sky-high mary janes are very hot, but if sometimes you want to wear a tulle skirt with combat boots, you are not alone, I am your style-soul-mate.

Denim shirts and shift dresses, head scarves and well-cut blazers, maxi dresses and skirts, floral pieces and tribal prints, cowl-drape dresses and frayed shorts, peplum and combat boots…who says you can’t do it all?

If today your look screams “swag” and tomorrow it says “suave”, then that’s exactly how you are meant to look.






















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Fashion By The Sea

This past weekend, Durban hosted the much anticipated Fashion By The Sea, a fashion show held at Durban’s Point Waterfront with a pier being used as the runway, the longest runway in South Africa since David Tlale’s Nelson Mandela Bridge extravaganza.

The show featured (showcased) some of South Africa’s finest, from Gavin Rajah, Craig Native, Dax Martin, Kluk CGDT and Fundudzi, just to name a few. The showcase was meant to a prelude to next month’s Vodacom Durban July, take a look.












– Pics courtesy of Howzit MSN