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Lil’ Fashionistas

It’s Fashion Friday again!!!!!

A long time ago, perhaps in another life time, children spent the entirety of their days outside, getting dirty, playing in mud puddles, climbing trees, skinning knees and eating mud pies.

So understandably, fashion was the domain of the teens and adults, but things have changed, and children’s fashion is carving a new niche in a fast expanding market that was once reserved only for the select few. I’m all for allowing kids to remain kids for as long as possible but I wont lie, I love little things in high-end gear or just looking well put together and adorable in fashionable pieces.

Below are a few cute lil’ fashionistas I’ve come across:



 Lil fashionista22













Lil fashionista8




Lil fashionista7

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Statement Pieces & MUST-Haves I

Its Fashion Friday!!!

Every woman knows there are those items of clothing that are absolute MUST-Haves… Pieces that are a staple in every woman’s closet and that you can wear with almost anything.

Okay, I guess this applies to men as well but…who cares??

Lol, just kidding dear gentlebrother.

Then there are those items that are absolute statement pieces, that item that, when you wear it, you know the looks you are getting have nothing to do with toothpaste on the side of your face. With it on, you walk taller, bolder and sexier because that morning, your inner goddess came out to play. 😉

Naturally, these statement pieces and must-haves may differ for everyone, but I tried to list some of mine below. Naturally, dreaming of my ideal closet I got a bit carried away, but I’m sure you will be able to accomodate and forgive me.

Enjoy 😉

 A nice loose shirt that you can wear with your leggings, jeans, boots, whatever.

I love the look for those lovely relaxed days…

 Cowl-drape dress… Yes. I think for all body types this would work wonders and make you look beautiful!

 A well-cut trench coat, oh yes please!!

 A pencil dress like this…

In colours like this…


 Or maybe this kind of fit and flare number is more your style… more suited to your body-type?

In this colour it is HOT.

 If I can get ankle boots that make my legs look like this???


 Tell me that wearing this chiffon gown wouldn’t make you feel like the most beautiful princess in the world… Try it… I dare you…

 Oh, did I mention boots like this?? 😀

 Patterned sweaters like this are all the rage, and they usually work with anything!

 A bathing suit that flatters every curve and inch… That’s the goal.

Personally I love this old school cut 🙂

 Or maybe a corset in the same style???

Love the idea of a corset with a high-waisted skirt.

….to be continued…


Swag vs. Suave…

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows who she is, understands herself and her body, and can reflect a touch of her personality and feelings in her outfit.

For those who are more like me…sometimes we wake up feeling very boho chic, and other times its more chanel-elegance that wins.

Feel free to be both, or neither, whenever you choose. That sexy pencil skirt and those sky-high mary janes are very hot, but if sometimes you want to wear a tulle skirt with combat boots, you are not alone, I am your style-soul-mate.

Denim shirts and shift dresses, head scarves and well-cut blazers, maxi dresses and skirts, floral pieces and tribal prints, cowl-drape dresses and frayed shorts, peplum and combat boots…who says you can’t do it all?

If today your look screams “swag” and tomorrow it says “suave”, then that’s exactly how you are meant to look.






















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What to expect in 2012

It’s been an amazing run in the fashion industry. Last year we saw the reign of wide -flared pants, palazzo pants, jump-suits, florals wedged heels and let’s not forget the colour blocking which stole the hearts of South Africans nation-wide to the point where there were colours running wild on the streets of Gauteng. Bless our souls!

However, it’s a new year, excitement runs through our veins as we’re glad to get a start-up on our blog, Minx as it’s been a long time coming and we hope to entertain you. Expect to see photos of fashion-gone-wrong as there would be elect referees stationed on campuses and the streets of Pretoria and Johannesburg, even the malls are not a safe haven. Also on the list will be fashion tips and advice on what to wear, how to wear and when to wear all at little to no cost as it is recognized that everyone deserves to look good irrespective of where one is positioned on the earning scale.

This year, fashion takes us back-in-time to the ‘60s. We go retro as we see even in make-up we are transported back to the pin-up look; meaning teased hair, red lipstick and strongly lined eyes. We also get to wear prints (yes, you knew keeping your prints will come in handy at some point), long flair skirts are also back in, as well as, polka dots and ‘poof’ skirts. This season’s key accessory is big hair bows in electric colours and polka dots. Yellow and red are favourites as they easily transform an outfit.


The boys are not left out as they too can get a fashion update on what’s a hit this year.  For starters, man bags are trending, as well as, roll-up-shorts. Retro straight pants also make a huge come-back in preferably chinos and not jeans, barely covering the ankle, along-side bright colour jerseys and blazer jackets. Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe without feeling too feminine, you will not look stupid. If you’d like to play it a tad safe, a navy blue jacket with a yellow shirt works quite well and for every skin tone too. Get noticed by the ladies or better yet, get recognized as a style icon.

All in all, fashion this year is all about bending the rules; it’s why they were made in the first place. Pair the oddest things together for the greatest results. One key element this year is contrast! So play around with different fabrics and colours. If it feels good then it probably is. The 60’s was an era of experimental fashion. Dare to be different!