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Statement Pieces & Must-Haves: SHOES

It’s Fashion Fridays in Minx Land and I feel a strong need to express my love for shoes once more.

I know, I know, shoes require no words, they just are, and in their resplendent being-ness, they make me so happy 🙂

So I’m just going to share with you some of my favourites and wait for your drooling mouth to join mine.



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Paris Fashion Week was transformed into Couture Week when Stephane Rolland’s muse – former supermodel Yasmin Le Bon – took to the catwalk wearing the show’s final look.

Yasmin was a literal show-stopper, needing two assistants to help her get down the runway, in a red silk jersey dress  with assorted lacquered metal panels on the bustier and down the front of the skirt…which weighed 50 kilograms!

I suppose this is one of the downsides of designers showcasing beautiful fabric in all its glory…it can get really heavy.

The dress, which probably weighed almost as much as Yasmin herself was 45 metres long at its longest point and needed the two good looking assistants to showcase it to its best, as they artfully arranged it around the model’s feet.


The entire show focused on palettes of red, lime green, black and ivory and showcased different fabrics in its purest form. Stephane Rolland was inspired by the work of kinetic artist Michel Deverne and his floor-sweeping gowns which were kept ultra-simple to show off the movement of the material. It was all about clean silhouettes (sometimes combines with sweeping waist appendages and expert draping) and the odd breastplate or waistband in gold metal. Silk, jersey, gazar and organza were the true stars of the show, but I must say, the models deserve due recognition for being able to cart some of the heavy clothes down the runway.


– Mandi