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Statement Pieces & MUST-Haves I

Its Fashion Friday!!!

Every woman knows there are those items of clothing that are absolute MUST-Haves… Pieces that are a staple in every woman’s closet and that you can wear with almost anything.

Okay, I guess this applies to men as well but…who cares??

Lol, just kidding dear gentlebrother.

Then there are those items that are absolute statement pieces, that item that, when you wear it, you know the looks you are getting have nothing to do with toothpaste on the side of your face. With it on, you walk taller, bolder and sexier because that morning, your inner goddess came out to play. 😉

Naturally, these statement pieces and must-haves may differ for everyone, but I tried to list some of mine below. Naturally, dreaming of my ideal closet I got a bit carried away, but I’m sure you will be able to accomodate and forgive me.

Enjoy 😉

 A nice loose shirt that you can wear with your leggings, jeans, boots, whatever.

I love the look for those lovely relaxed days…

 Cowl-drape dress… Yes. I think for all body types this would work wonders and make you look beautiful!

 A well-cut trench coat, oh yes please!!

 A pencil dress like this…

In colours like this…


 Or maybe this kind of fit and flare number is more your style… more suited to your body-type?

In this colour it is HOT.

 If I can get ankle boots that make my legs look like this???


 Tell me that wearing this chiffon gown wouldn’t make you feel like the most beautiful princess in the world… Try it… I dare you…

 Oh, did I mention boots like this?? 😀

 Patterned sweaters like this are all the rage, and they usually work with anything!

 A bathing suit that flatters every curve and inch… That’s the goal.

Personally I love this old school cut 🙂

 Or maybe a corset in the same style???

Love the idea of a corset with a high-waisted skirt.

….to be continued…



Winter Heat

It seems us Gautengers have been hit with an early Winter. Its only April but its already a necessity to wear some sort of cover up when I go to work.

But just because it’s getting colder and colder everyday, that’s no excuse to start looking dowdy or like a TellyTubby. No one ever said you can’t look absolutely hott in Winter.

Here’s how to rock blazers, jackets, sweaters, scarves and the like 🙂






To Be Continued….