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Super Bey


If you haven’t already heard, King Bey (Beyonce) will be performing at this year’s superbowl half-time show.
For those in the know, you understand what a big deal this is, since this is not only considered a great honour, but it’s one of the very few things that are actually watched by the entire country.

Not my country ofcourse…so no, I will not be tuned in, but I love the advertising campaign that has gone into this.
There are billboards and photoshoots and everyone wants a picture of the World’s Sexiest Woman in anything even remotely football related.
These are a few pictures I came across between December and last week, including the new GQ photoshoot.

beyonce-gq-1 beyonce-gq-2

beyonce-gq-3 beyonce-gq-cover



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Photoshoot Pt. 3

In the third installment in our look at photoshoot, our close-up is on Kate Moss.

Believe it or not this lady’s 40th birthday is just around the corner. At 38, she has been a top model for longer than others can claim to have worked in the same company, and though most of her life has been tumultous to say the least, she is now settled, recently married to Jamie Hince and about to move into her new home in North London.

Kate, true to the “bad-girl” image which has been with her through her career, is no stranger to nudity, and why should she be with a body like hers. She posed for the cover of Another Man magazine, the release of which was times to coincide with the start of Paris Fashion Week. She also appeared in a shoot for Italian label Liu Jo earlier this month, and last year was (once again) topless in the Pirelli Calendar.

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Photoshoot Pt. 2

The second installment in our celebration of all things photoshoot is to focus on Jennifer Lopez.

The 42-year-old mother of twins recently had a photoshoot with V Magazine where she absolutely sizzled! The boxing-themed shoot was HOTT, and showed off her stunning body to perfection. She not only looks like she can make you cry, but make your mouth water too, as in one of the pics, she was wearing nothing but boxing gloves.

Anywho, judge for yourselves…is this a 42-year-old body by any standards?





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Photoshoot Pt. 1

There is nothing like going for a photoshoot to help you feel sexier, more comfortable with your body and more powerful. You not only feel like a model, but thanks to all the magic created by the stylists, make-up artists, photographers and yes, even the lighting guy, you also look like a model.

This priviledge doesn’t have to be reserved for the beautiful of Hollywood and the models of Milan, even us ordinary folk can explore out of the ordinary and book a professional photo shoot.

Celebrating the joy of photo shoots, I was checking out some of the A-listers latest work in that arena and would you believe some of these women are over 40!

For starters 41-year-old Naomi Campbell is one of the original supermodels, but hasn’t slowed down a single bit. Just days after being Robert Cavalli’s showstopper in Milan, she appeared in V Magazine, in a shoot inspired by the larger-than-life spirit of Tina Turner. The black and white shots taken by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi were named “Private Dancer”. This precedes the release of  Soul Sister a musical inspired by the lives of Ike and Tina Turner premiering at London’s Hackney Empire on April 19.





Here are a couple of local places to check out if you’re interested:

Cape Town: Contact Arnold at http://www.model-portfolio.synthasite.com/

Port Elizabeth: Contact Shanna at +27 826523385 or http://www.shannapaxton.com/

Pretoria: Check out http://www.rbester.co.za

Randburg: Contact Jacques at 083 577 5757 or http://www.duvellphotography.co.za

Johannesburg: Contact EuroConnection at http://www.euroconnection.co.za/index.html or

Nick van der Leek at http://www.nickvanderleek.com/2009/02/photoshoots-in-johannesburg-half-price.html (first shoot may be free) or

Jo Smith Photography http://www.josmithphotography.co.za/