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Tribute: To A Phenomenal Woman


Maya Angelou 1928 – 2014


I know a lot’s been said about her in the last day or so, but it would be a huge injustice if I did not take some time to pay tribute to our dear Dr Maya Angelou.

It was with a heavy heart that I read the news of her passing, having been the one woman who made me want to write in the first place.

I have always been an avid reader, but it was not until, at 15 when I did an English class project on Maya Angelou, that I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing. I remember standing in front of the class, reciting “Still I Rise” with a certain Miss Dionne Song, and recognizing for the first time, the immense power that words have in our world…recognizing their magic working in and through me, and I have never looked back since.

Maya Angelou

Dr Maya Angelou’s last tweet

It was easy to be inspired and motivated with a mentor like Maya, a woman who lived her life to the absolute fullest. She was, after all, an extraordinary human being who managed to touch the lives of millions worldwide through her almost ethereal command of language. Works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays, all textured with depth and wisdom and peppered with her youthful sense of humour. She was unconventional, confident, fearless, graceful, brilliant and a phenomenal woman.

“If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present… Gratefully.”

During her exemplary life, she breezed in like a breath of fresh air, inspiring millions, teaching the multitudes, trying to help whomever she could and stealing accolade after accolade from those who, unsuspectingly, had underestimated her. Until one day she was able to look back and see titles such as Author, Poet, Singer, Dancer, Director, Playwright, three-time Grammy Award winner, Civil rights activist, Mother & Teacher.

The epitome of what is means to be a real woman, with every facet celebrated and loved, she has inspired me to bolder routes, comforted me in darker times, uplifted my spirits in sorrow, and provided words of wisdom galore.

You will be sorely missed Dr Angelou.



Be inspired to be great.

Be blessed to be a blessing.


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Rock Out

My first post for the year and I want to set it off with a bang.

I want to be all inspirational and uplifting and motiovational and ish… I think for the start of the year, this works for me…


Rock Out                                    – Anis Mojgani


You’ve been given a direct order to rock the fuck out!

Rock out, like you were just given the last Rock n’ Roll record on Earth, and the minutes are counting down to flames

Rock out, like you just won both Showcase showdowns

Rock out, like the streets are empty except for you, your bicycle and your headphones

Rock out, like your lips were just placed, onto a break dancing muse, with legs that go all the way up

Rock out, like Publisher’s Clearing House is ringing your front door

Rock out, like you never have to open up a textbook again

Rock out, like you get PAID to disturb the peace!

Rock out, like music is all that you’ve got

Rock out, like you were standing on a roof top and the city’s as loud and glowing as a river flowing below you

Rock out, the plane is going down, and there are 120 people on board and 121 parachutes

Rock out, like the streets and the books are all on fire and the flames can only be extinguished by….doing the electric slide

Rock out, like it’s Saturday afternooon, and Monday was a national holiday

Rock out, like somebody’s got a barrel, pointed to your temple, saying ‘rock out like your life depended on it fool’, because it does

Rock out, like your eyes are fading, but you’ve still got your ears, but you don’t for how long… So rock out like, 5 O’clock time, meant Pop-and-Lock time

Rock out, like you’ve got pants full of tokens, and nothing to do but everything

Rock out, like you are the International ski-ball champion of the entire universe

Rock out, like you just escaped an evil orphanage to join a Russian circus

Rock out, like your hero has fallen, and you are spinning your limbs, until they burst into a flaming pyre of remembrance

Rock out, like you are enslaved in the south, and dancing is all that you have, to know who you are

Rock out, like your dead grandfather just came back, to take a drive with you in your brand new car

Rock out, like the table was full… Like the neighbours are away

Like the walls wont fall, but dammet you’re gonna die, trying to make them!

Rock out, like the stereo’s volume knob only has the figure eight of infinity on it instead of merely numbers

Rock out, like it’s raining outside and you’ve got a girl to run through it with

Rock out, like you were playing football in the mud and your washing machine aint broken

Rock out, like you threw your window open on your honeymoon coz you want the whole world to know what love is

Rock out, like you just got a book published

Rock out, like you returned to your high school reunion to find that everyone, even the women, are all ugly and balding, except for the former prom queen, who has just been divorced by her impotent husband and who only has eyes for…YOU.

Rock out, like a shadow of a man passes behind you, drops you to your knees, you’re buckling in a cold sweat, metal is pushed to your forehead, the trigger is pulled and the gun jams

Rock out, like you got a empty appointment book and a full tank of gas

Rock out, like Jimmy has returned, carrying brand new guitar strings

Rock out, like the mangoes are in season, like the record player wont skip,

Like this was the last weekend, like these were the last words

Like you don’t ever want to forget how…



You can check out the video of Anis Mojgani’s live performances of this particular piece at:


Happy 2013 Minxes