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Bugatti goes ‘Bumblebee’

At the recent Qatar Motor Show 2012, Bugatti revealed their latest baby, a yellow and black version of the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport.

Although it was previously shown at the Dubai Motor Show in 2011, Bentley is rolling it out again so they can present it on an exclusive stage and introduce it to the greater public. For those not in the know, the Veyron Grand Sport boasts a top speed of 252mph with the roof on and 217mph with it off. In other words…it’ll literally blow your top off, lol.

The new 1,001hp Veyron (though no faster than the standard Grand Sport) is the world’s fastest and most powerful open-top car, and with it’s distinctive paintwork, you almost expect it to transform right in front of your eyes and go all ‘Bumblebee’ on your toosh. The body is finished in bright yellow, framed in deep black carbon and set off by black-tinted wheels. Apparently, this is combination is a blend of Ettore Bugatti’s two favourite colours.



The interior further increases this contrast effect with seats that are trimmed in yellow leather, black stitching and a middle section in black carbon. Both the dashboard and steering wheel are in black leather, also with yellow stitching.

The car now-nicknamed “Bumblebee” doesnt actually have a specific name, but was in fact created to show off the level of personalisation which is available to buyers. The idea is that since you’re already paying more than all your organs are worth on the black market, they (and you) can afford to offer you limitless personalisation.

Though production for the core model ceased in June 2011, the Grand Sport is still on sale. Prices for the sole remaining Grand Sport start at  €1.35million…before taxes, and as if that wasn’t exclusive enough, the ‘Bumblebee’ version will set you back a cool €1.59m. Did I mention, before taxes?

So which colour scheme are you going to get?